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Our Idea is "YOU"

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

“Everyone can be saved, not everyone will be saved”. A common sentence shared by social workers, doctors, firefighters, sects. We are losing a lot of our kids and young adults to quick cash, needless violence, police shooting, prison, and other social malware. Our males tend to forgo responsibilities. We have single moms by default, adults with little to no financial knowledge. It is true that structural racism discriminately induces many of these issues. However, it is up to us to change the tide. There are also not many social organizations ameliorating these problems for us. Thanks to BASSA, this will no longer be the case. BASSA will aim to generate a better community prone to life-long learning, leadership, and innovation. Individuals that take advantage of better education & help to build the optimum life for themselves, their family, and their community. Individuals that have the tools to create a family of their own. BASSA will work to strengthen family relationships. BASSA will also fight to encourage hard work among the youth.

Every country starts with a constitution. Every organization starts with an idea. Our idea is YOU. BASSA has something to tell you, you no longer need to do it alone. We will help you stand in order for you to rise regardless of who or what stands in front of you. Together, we will walk the walk to be everything and anything that we want to do or be. Moreover, we would like you to learn this before anything else. “You are a warrior. Life started with you; it will not end until you are at the top of the mountains telling the sun it is okay to set now because you will take over. You will shine until it returns, if it has some hold up that’s okay too because you will be shining for time to come. BASSA future leaders have the courage to stare your fears down. You are free. There are no chains, shackles, handcuffs that could hold you back. You are the freedom that the world seeks. Our identity is light. It is up to you to spark the house to the light that is the ‘Light of Freedom!’”


You are the Blessing that We Seek. Add your Initials to "Our Wall of Heart of Champion" to help us continue to do the work!

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