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Learning with Purpose!

According to the Department of Education minorities kids are less likely to attend higher level courses (e.g. Honors, Advance Placement), no surprises they are also less likely to be ready for college. The reasons are numerous, Blacks students are less likely to be offered these courses, teachers expect less of them, they don’t have a guidance counselor, and spend less time in class. The Covid-19 pandemic leads to nationwide school closures stagnating further students of color learning. Our minorities need guidance and tutoring. We at BASSA develop Grassroot K-12 Mentoring & Tutoring (BGMT-K12) to help students of color learning with purpose!”

Generally, when a student is struggling in school, they have two options 1) parents hire a tutor to help the students in the subjects they are struggling with; 2) A parent or a guardian tutors the kid themselves. Lack of time, familiarity with the American School System, and money render these two options void for students of color. BGMT-K12 aims to develop a lifelong learning mentality. Our mentoring will teach students how to write a strategic career plan. Our tutoring will aim at literacy, math, and technology. Studies have shown that students are more likely to succeed if they are competent in 3rd grade literacy, and proficiency in Algebra 1. Therefore it’s imperative that we focus on these two subjects. Additionally, in the near future, computer literacy will be mandatory. We also encourage proficiency in computers. If you want to be part of the solution, we are in dire need of mentors, please contact us.

BASSA aims to feel the vacuum that our community has not had a chance to provide by preparing our young students with strategic career playing, and provide necessary tutoring in math, while encouraging our students to develop a hunger for reading and their technological skills. We have no doubt that Learning with Purpose is the way forward.

You are the Blessing that We Seek. Add your Initials to "Our Wall of Heart of Champion" to help us continue to do the work!

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