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Back To School In Abricots

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Our Dear Immortals,

We created Berakhah Association for Scholarship and Social Advancement (BASSA) in 2018, formally incorporated in the State of Florida on January 28, 2021, to mitigate the educational disparity we have in the minority community in Central Florida, particularly the Haitian community, and in Haiti as well. Our perspective was that if our education level increased, our community would be better equipped to respond and solve its problem here in the US and the static chaos that occurred in Haiti constantly. We do not need to update you on the state of Haiti, it goes without saying these days that Haiti is still learning to crawl 217 years after becoming the first Black Republic. “Berakhah” means “Blessing”, BASSA was founded on the motto that ‘we are the blessings that we seek.” We can and we will because we are enough, we are everything we need to accomplish anything we deem valuable to ourselves and our community. For our first official campaign, on the eve of the August 14th Earthquake that hit the three southern Departments in Haiti. In collaboration with, Dr. Mahavir, we organized a GoFundMe to help families in those areas that were affected by the Earthquakes. We collected $5000 between 62 donators. 62 immortals contributed to our humble appeal. The Physiology Department contributed 1502$ and 13 immortals. We were able to distribute 200 backpacks, 600 pens, 400 pencils, 2000 notebooks, and 200 geometrical instruments. Each child receives 1 backpack, 3 pens, 2 pencils, and 10 notebooks. Our Public Chair, Dr. Rubens Petit Homme, went to Port Au Prince on the 29th to help carry out the distribution with our secretary, Dr. Mettelus Webens Newton in Jeremie, Abricots. Dr. Mettelus has been doing social service in Haiti in the last 6 years. We are blessed to have him join our ranks. Abricots is a small village in Jeremie. We choose Abricots because in Haiti, Aids distribution tends to occur in the bigger city particularly Jeremie, the people in the village are generally forgotten. We were able to distribute the school supplies on October 5th, however, Dr. Rubens was not able to reach Jeremie.

Since President Jovenel Moise was assassinated on July 7th, 2021, gangs regularly blocked transportation roads. The local airways, Sunrise, did not have any space for Jeremie on the first weekend of October. We could have made online reservations for Sunrise Airways, however, online reservations in Haiti are generally not valid. However, with the help of the Mayor in Abricots, Dr. Mettelus was able to distribute the school supplies to the people of Abricots on October 5th. You, our immortals have been the blessing that our compatriots in Abricots have been seeking. School in Haiti started last week. The parents of 200 kids sent you more thank you than we could ever transcribe into papers. Each year, many worry about school supplies but 200 families did not have to worry this year, thanks to you. They sent you an eternal fountain of “Thank You and Good Wishes”.

Thank you for being the blessings that our People of Abricots were and are seeking. Let’s continue working on our immortality together.



You are the Blessing that We Seek. Add your Initials to "Our Wall of Heart of Champion" to help us continue to do the work!

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